To invest call: 1-866-888-4139
To invest call: 1-866-888-4139

How to invest

We think investing should be straightforward

Our fund managers are focused on providing you with a simple and consistent return on your investment. Investing with Blue Stripe Financial is straightforward and simple:

Contact us & our Investor Relations team to receive a Subscription Agreement electronically or in the mail.

Is investing with Blue Stripe right for you?

At Amur Financial Group, we understand you have many options when it comes to investing and that’s why we’re as transparent as possible. In the past, a typical investor in our Funds:

  • Understands that capital preservation is critical to long term wealth accumulation;
  • Is interested in simple but effective cash flow;
  • Is seeking direct contact with experienced fund managers;
  • Wants the fund manager to have a significant stake in the fund.

Key investment policies

  • All investments must be secured by mortgages on real or immovable residential properties such as single-family dwellings, duplexes, townhouses, condominium units or multiple family dwellings such as apartment buildings.
  • The maximum amount per a mortgage is $60,000.
  • All mortgages in the portfolio are located in Urban Areas.
  • No individual mortgage can account for more than 10% of the portfolio.

Are you ready to start investing with Blue Stripe Financial Ltd?

We’d be happy to talk with you, answer your questions or set up an appointment to discuss your investment options.